Strategic Marketing: Plannning and Control PDF

Strategic Marketing: planning and control covers contemporary issues by exploring current developments in marketing theory and practice including the concept of a market-led orientation and a resource/asset-based approach to internal analysis and planning.

The text provides a synthesis of key strategic marketing concepts in a concise and comprehensive way, and is tightly written to accommodate the reading time pressures on students. The material is highly exam focused and has been class tested and refined.

Completely revised and updated, the second edition of Strategic Marketing: planning and control includes chapters on ‘competitive intelligence’, ‘strategy formulation’ and ‘strategic implementation’. The final chapter, featuring mini case studies, has been thoroughly revised with new and up to date case material.

  • Newly revised to be applicable for the Advanced Certificate in Marketing (Stage 2) level of the CIM qualifications
  • The material presented is easy to read in a user-friendly layout
  • The final chapter has been re-written to include new and up-to-date case studies

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